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Portfolio Management & Financial Services

MAH Finvest Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a Business Associate (Franchisee) of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Pvt Ltd, an Indian diversified financial services firm offering a range of financial products and services to its clients and listed on BSE and NSE Stock Exchanges.

Equity Investment have an edge over simply saving money in your bank account. Investing in equity & financial derivatives markets helps to beat the inflationary pressure by delivering a higher rate of return and increasing the value of principal amount invested. Capital Gains and periodic dividend income is the revenue source from equity investments.
o Create wealth over time
o Protects against inflation
o Trade across exchanges
o Dividends and capital appreciation
o Track equity investments in real-time
o Any time liquidity

Mutual funds are ideal for investors who want to invest in various kinds of schemes with different investment objectives but do not have sufficient time and expertise to pick winning stocks. Mutual fund investments give you the advantage of professional management, lower transaction costs, and diversification, liquidity and tax benefits.
o Disciplined investment approach
o Invest via Lumpsum and SIP mode
o Low transaction cost
o Diversification of portfolio
o Liquidity and Tax benefits
o Reduced risk of investing

Commodity trading brings a basket full of diverse avenues for investment, away from the traditional avenues of equity, bonds and real estate. Based on the historical data, adding commodities exposure to your existing portfolio helps you increase the returns while lowering the risk. Commodities have very little or negative correlation with other asset classes.
o Trade in Bullion, Energy, Agro
o Invest, Trade, Hedge & Speculate
o Trading on Lower Margins
o Internationally standardised prices
o Diversification of portfolio
o Hedge against risk

A market that attracts about $5.2 trillion in daily volume, recognised as world’s largest market, accessible globally 24 hours a day – that is exactly what the Currency and Forex market is made up of. The advantage of small margin requirements and lower entry barriers makes it an important part of a retail investor’s portfolio.
o Trade across futures, options
o Small Margin requirements
o Controlled Regulation
o Diversification of portfolio
o Hedge against risk
o Invest, Trade, Hedge, Speculate

Gold as an investment is respected throughout the world for its value and rich history. The reasons people tend to make a gold investment are also different, it can be viewed as an asset which helps creating wealth as well as used to control and hedge financial market risks and rising inflation. Being one of the most preferred asset class in India, investment in digital gold is considered to be one of the best performing asset & provide good returns in coming future.
o Helps creating wealth
o Easy to liquidate
o Hedge against inflation
o Tangible asset
o Small steps for golden future
o Diversification of investments

The primary market provides investors, opportunities to buy shares at a reasonable price before its upcoming IPO listing price. Additionally, retail investors also enjoy discounted rates while applying for Upcoming IPOs. Holding on to the shares also provides an opportunity to participate in the future success of these companies.
o Get stock at lowest possible price
o Short term profit with lower risk
o Hassle free ASBA process
o Meet long term goals
o No brokerage while applying in New IPOs
o Be a part of company’s growth story

NCDs are a one-stop solution for investors looking for a fixed and high-interest rate for a specified period of time. It carries low risk which can be managed by investing in NCDs of companies with a high-ratings.
o Higher Liquidity
o Diversification of Portfolio
o Regular Interest Income
o Completely Digital
o Lower Risk
o Transparency

Portfolio Management Service offers professional financial portfolio management of your PMS investments with an aim to deliver consistent returns. Portfolio Management Service relieves you from all monitoring hassles with benefits like regular reviews, strong risk management flexibility, and makes it an ideal PMS investment avenue for High Net-worth Individuals & Investors. An investment portfolio can be a mix of stocks, fixed income, commodities, real estate, other structured products, and cash.
The service is tailored as per the investor’s return requirements and the ability and willingness to assume the risk. An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is drafted by a PMS to understand the financial position and needs of the client. We ensure that the return requirements coincide with the risk profile.
Our process of portfolio management involves defining the investment objectives of the Investor, translating the objectives to achievable goals, allocating assets to achieve these goals, monitoring the returns and rebalancing the portfolio for any mis-match in the risk and return profile of the portfolio.
Prior executing the optimum portfolio, we study and analyse the various constraints such as time horizon, tax applicability, liquidity, and other unique considerations of the client.


❖ Why Invest with us?
o Clients will get 24×7 access to their portfolio on the web which ensures transparency
o Focused Portfolio Investments for client
o Exclusive Account Management
o Stock selection based on Quality of Management / Cash Reserves / RoE / Valuations at which the stock is available
o Buy & Hold philosophy with focus on better post tax returns for the clients

❖ Key Benefits
o Strong and Active risk management
o Consistently High Returns
o Diversification of portfolio for adequately spreading equity related risks.
o Active and regular monthly review and portfolio rebalancing
o Experienced and Professional fund management team
o Flexibility to switch from one strategy to other